As days warm up and the sun stays shining in the sky for longer and longer, many Maryland and Pennsylvania homeowners find themselves using their heating oil less and less. As a result, some heating oil users think that the start of spring marks the end of needing to think about their heating oil tank and furnace. In reality, a spring heating oil tank fill is an essential part of tank maintenance. Allowing your tank to sit partially filled or empty can lead to serious damage over the summer months.

What Happens When Your Tank Runs Dry (Or Almost Dry)?

In the spring and summer, temperatures fluctuate overnight and during the day from cool to hot. Moisture is drawn out from the air sitting inside of your heating oil tank, and it settles on the walls as condensation. As the condensation accumulates outdoors or in the sun, it can set into motion processes that damage the integrity of the fuel oil in your tank and the fuel oil tank itself. A spring heating oil fill is designed to minimize the amount of condensation that can form in the tank by decreasing the amount of air and surface area it can form on.

How Does Condensation Damage a Heating Oil Tank?

Water is denser than heating oil, so water droplets that are formed in your heating oil tank will quickly sink to the bottom. Inside of the condensation, there are tiny microorganisms that will multiply and die off rapidly. This creates sediment that can clog the fuel lines or burner nozzle. Stover Energy offers our homeowners high-quality fuels that will not clog a nozzle, but when sediment has accumulated, it can still occur. Sediment from condensation can also rust your tank from the inside out, which can occur if you do not get a spring heating oil tank fill.

How Can Stover Energy Help Protect My Tank During a Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill?

We offer heating oil that is the highest quality. Our fuels are made to be clean-burning and extend the longevity of your heating oil system. Whenever our professionals complete spring heating oil tank fills at the homes of our loyal customers, we are helping improve the lifespan of their entire heating system.

Get Your Spring Heating Oil Tank Fill from Stover Energy

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