How Can I Remove Water from My Heating Oil Tank?

How Can I Remove Water from My Heating Oil Tank?

When water gets in your heating oil tank, over time it can cause damage, or worse, prevent your heating system from functioning. With a little effort towards prevention and help from the professionals at Stover Energy, you can keep water outside of your tank and avoid...

What’s That Smell? Is Smelling Oil Dangerous?

What’s That Smell? Is Smelling Oil Dangerous?

If you are one of the millions of Americans using heating oil to keep your home cozy during the coldest months of the year, you might smell a slight odor occasionally. Many homeowners panic and wonder about the safety of smelling heating oil. Is smelling oil...

Smart Ways to Save on PA Home Energy

Shopping around for spring savings? Stover Energy has you covered! As we transition from the cold season to the warmth, keep these ways to save in mind. Combine the suggestions for even more energy savings and ultimate Pennsylvania home comfort. Smart Way to Save #1:...

Help Us Serve You Better

Tips for the Heating SeasonStover Energy provides heating oil delivery and many HVAC services for your home comfort, such as heating, automatic fuel delivery, budget plans, equipment service, duct cleaning, upgrades, and more. We always do our best to keep your...

Why Your Home Needs a Heating Service Plan

Pennsylvania homeowners know the struggle of the cold season. We count on our heating systems to run reliably for nearly six months of the year, so treat your equipment to a money-saving service plan. You should have your equipment tuned up once a year to improve its...

Summer Oil Tank Maintenance Tips

Summer in PA is a time to enjoy the warmer weather with friends and family. While you’re going to backyard barbecues and taking trips to the beach, you’re probably not thinking about your oil tank. Summer oil tank maintenance is essential to keep your tank safe and...

Make Your Fuel Payments, Your Way

Temperatures are rising here in Pennsylvania, which probably means your heating fuel is the last thing on your mind! Did you know that planning ahead for next heating season now can help you save big on fuel costs all year? Find out why so many homeowners in PA are...

Your Spring Energy-Saving Checklist

Your Spring Energy-Saving ChecklistAfter this past winter, it’s safe to say that Pennsylvania homeowners are looking forward to sunny days and warmer weather. Is your home ready for rising temperatures? Use these easy energy-saving tips to keep your cooling costs low...

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