Make Your Fuel Payments, Your Way

Temperatures are rising here in Pennsylvania, which probably means your heating fuel is the last thing on your mind! Did you know that planning ahead for next heating season now can help you save big on fuel costs all year? Find out why so many homeowners in PA are signing up for budget plans this summer.

The Ins and Outs of Your Budget Plan

Convenience doesn’t have to mean a hole in your wallet! Enrolling in a budget plan is the simplest way to get organized and keep your household spending on track. As a budget plan customer, you will pay one predictable fuel payment every month—no matter how market prices might change.

How Does It Work?

  • We estimate your annual fuel use, based on previous history
  • Then, we multiply this by projected fuel prices for the year
  • We divide this amount into even payments over a 12-month period

What Are the Benefits?

  • One predictable monthly fuel payment—no surprises!
  • Easier budgeting for other household bills
  • Heating cost savings
  • Peace of mind all year long

How Do I Sign Up?

Weather in the Northeast can be unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean your fuel bills have to be! Sign up for an affordable budget plan with Stover Energy this summer to secure a steady heating bill for the rest of the year. Once you enroll, you can get back to enjoying all the fun that summer in PA has to offer.

Enrollment for our 12-month budget plan is available now! Simply contact Stover Energy online or call (717) 534-1903.