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Heating Oil Service That Won’t Give You Fits!

Heating oil has changed significantly in the last 20 years.  Today’s heating oil is cleaner and more efficient than ever before. What hasn’t changed is the unmatched warmth oil heat provides and the exceptional care you’ll receive from Stover Energy!  We offer both automatic delivery and will call delivery for fuel oil service that fits your needs — not give you fits.  Unfortunately, recent upheaval in our local heating oil market has done just that by leaving many people without an oil supplier they can rely on.  

Dependability you can count on!

We have been earning the trust of families in the Hershey PA area since 1957.  Not only will we be there when you need us, we keep our heating oil prices competitive. Whether you choose automatic delivery or will call delivery, we work for you to provide the best heating oil service in the area.

Quality that saves you money!

We also fortify every gallon of fuel oil we deliver with an additive that keeps your system clean and performing efficiently. Our technicians have seen first-hand the difference this makes for our customers.  There is less corrosive soot to be removed, and that means longer burner life and lower heating costs!  Our quality additive also helps preserve the oil in your tank between seasons.  The oil we deliver to you today will burn just as well when you turn your system on next season.  

No one cares for its customers like Stover Energy!  It would be our privilege to serve you!  Contact us today!

Delivery Options

Stover Energy offers two types of heating oil delivery: 

Automatic Delivery

This option is perfect for customers who like the convenience of not having to monitor their heating oil levels and place a phone call when they need an oil delivery. We carefully monitor your usage history, outdoor temperatures, and weather forecasts to schedule your heating oil deliveries when your tank is between one-quarter and one-third full.  If we see bad weather in the forecast, we may come sooner to ensure you have plenty of heating oil. 

We have so much confidence in our automatic delivery service that we will credit your account $50 and make an emergency oil delivery to you immediately if you lose primary heat due to a scheduling error on our part!

Most of our customers choose this option because it is easy and does not cost extra.  We offer several pricing and payment options to make comfort easy and affordable!

Will Call Delivery

Will-call delivery is a good option for customers who use heating oil as a secondary heat source, or who prefer not to fill their oil tank completely.  In most cases, if you call us by noon, we will deliver your heating oil within one business day!  Please note, deliveries during extreme weather conditions including snow, ice, and prolonged cold may require additional time. We will do our very best to serve you promptly.

If heating oil is your primary heat source or used for hot water, we highly recommend Automatic Delivery to ensure you always have enough heating oil to meet your needs!

Dauphin Co PA heating oil

Pricing & Payment Options

Stover Energy is dedicated to making winter comfort easy and affordable! We offer several ways to structure and pay for your heating oil deliveries, either with or without price protection.

Pricing Options at-a-glance

PlanPricing StructurePayment Schedule
Monthly Payment Plan – BasicMarketEqual monthly payments (after first delivery)
Monthly Payment Plan – Plus CapCappedEqual monthly payments (after first delivery)
Pre-Buy – FixedFixedPayment due in full at the start of the season.
Pre-Buy – CappedCappedPayment due in full at the start of the season.
Pay by the DeliveryMarketPayment by credit card is due before delivery

Monthly Payment Plan – Basic

Our Basic Monthly Payment Plan option takes your estimated annual heating cost and spreads it into equal and lower monthly payments.  Regardless of the number of oil deliveries you receive, your monthly payment will be the same each month.  This is especially helpful in the coldest months, when oil deliveries tend to be more frequent. 

When calculating your monthly payment, our goal is to predict the actual oil cost as accurately as possible using your past usage history and an expected average price per gallon.  At the end of the heating season, we will compare the actual cost of your oil deliveries to your total payments, and any payment overage or underage is then settled.  

Because no two winters are the same, we encourage customers to retain their delivery tickets to help ensure that their monthly payments are keeping pace with the cost of their oil deliveries.  We are here to help!  Customers are welcome to call us at any time during the season to adjust their monthly payment amount. 

Please note that our Basic Monthly Payment Plan offers no price guarantee.  Heating oil prices will fluctuate with market conditions and may change without notice. 

Monthly Payment Plan – PLUS Price Cap

Our Monthly Payment Plan PLUS Price Cap works the same as our Basic Monthly Payment Plan, with the added benefit of a capped heating oil price.  This price cap protects you from dramatic price increases by “capping” your oil price for the season.  Your monthly payment is based on your capped price and usage history.  If oil prices start to rise, your per-gallon heating price will not exceed your capped price.  But if heating oil prices are lower than your capped price at the time of your delivery, you will receive the benefit of the lower price in the form of an end-of-season refund or credit toward the following season’s oil.  We charge a small fee for capped pricing, which is included in your monthly payment.

Price protection is typically offered at the beginning of each heating season.  While savings are never guaranteed, a price cap may be a good option for you if you use more than 600 gallons of fuel per season and you are concerned that prices will increase sharply.  For help deciding if a price cap is right for you, please contact us.

Pre-Buy with Fixed Price

Customers who prefer the certainty of a fixed heating oil price can take advantage of our Fixed-Price Pre-Buy program.  With this option, the you’ll pay for all of your heating oil in advance of the season at a pre-determined fixed price. (Some people also refer to this as a locked-in heating oil price.)  The quantity of heating oil purchased is based on the customer’s past usage.  Customers who choose our fixed price option will not be affected by increases or decreases in the market price of heating oil.  If all of their pre-paid heating oil is delivered before the season ends, any remaining deliveries will be at market price.

Pre-Buy with Capped Price

As an alternative, customers can choose to pre-buy their oil with a capped heating oil price instead of a fixed price.  In this scenario, you’ll purchase all of you oil in advance of the season at the capped price.   If the market price of heating oil is lower than your capped price at the time of delivery, you’ll receive a refund for the difference at the end of the season or a credit toward the following season.  If all of the your pre-paid heating oil is delivered before the season ends, any remaining deliveries will be at market price.  A fee for capped pricing is added to the cost of their pre-buy.  For help deciding if a price cap is right for you, please contact us.

Pay by the Delivery

Customers who prefer to pay by the delivery may do so by credit card.  Paying by the delivery is a best suited for customers who receive less frequent oil deliveries.  If oil is your primary heat source, we highly recommend enrolling in one of the plans above.

A history of heating oil prices and trends is available on US Energy Information Administration’s website.

We accept:

Heating Oil Tanks

Your heating oil tank is an important part of your heating system and protects the quality of your heating oil.

Oil Tank Replacement

When the time comes to replace your oil tank, we are happy to perform that service for you.  In addition, NORA (National Oilheat Research Alliance) frequently offers Pennsylvania consumers a rebate towards the replacement of their heating oil tanks.  Please contact us to find out if a NORA rebate is available to you.

 Oil Tank Life Span: There are many factors that determine how long you can expect an aboveground heating oil tank to last, but the average life of an aboveground heating oil tank is approximately 15 years. Outdoor oil tanks that are exposed to the elements may not last as long.  

Oil Tank Maintenance

These simple steps will help keep your above ground oil tank in good shape and prolong its life.

  • Look for oil stains on your tank. If you see any stains, please call us immediately!
  • Look for loose or chipped paint. Carefully brush away any loose paint or surface rust, then apply touch-up enamel to help prevent the formation of rust.
  • Do not touch any part of a tank that appears to be rusted-through or damaged.
  • Keep any heavy debris that could dent or puncture your oil tank away from your tank.
  • Inspect your tank visually at the beginning and end of each heating season.
  • Only use quality heating oil to prevent the formation of tank sediment, which can cause system breakdowns and damage your tank.

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