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Yes, Stover delivers heating oil to Harrisburg, PA!

As gorgeous autumn colors give way to winter temperatures and the weather in Harrisburg, PA turns into snowy days and very cold nights, reliable heating oil delivery becomes a must! If you’re a Harrisburg homeowner looking for a better way to keep warm this winter, you don’t need to worry. Stover Energy offers convenient, prompt clean-burning heating oil delivery to all Harrisburg, PA home and business owners. Reliable, trustworthy heating oil service is just a call away!

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Survive Winter Weather in Harrisburg, PA


Harrisburg, PA is known for being the capital of Pennsylvania and getting plenty of snow and ice throughout the winter months. If you’re a Harrisburg homeowner and tired of paying steep energy bills to beat the winter chills, you’re in luck. Stover Energy offers convenient heating oil delivery to the greater Harrisburg, PA area. You’ll never need to worry about how you’ll stay warm in the winter again.


Harrisburg, PA is a bustling city with almost 50,000 residents and located on the east bank of the Susquehanna River. Harrisburg was first settled in the early 1700s by John Harris, Sr., an English trader. Once the town was formally surveyed in 1785, it was named Harrisburg after the first resident and expanded. It was named the state capital in 1812 and has played a vital role in American history over the years.


Before Harrisburg, PA became a popular industrial city, it was a calm pastoral town filled with farmland. Because the location was at a pass in a mountain ridge, it became a stopping point for many travelers. During the Civil War, Harrisburg, PA was a training center for the Union Army and rail center for the Union. The city was a target of the opposing troops numerous times due to its role in the war and vital location.


Harrisburg, PA was also a major stopping place on the Underground Railroad during the early 19th century. The city grew during the latter half of the 19th century with the advent of the steel industry. Harrisburg, PA was at the heart of a great deal of railroad traffic and supported by its strong steel industry, machine shops and furnaces. The 1920s marked the start of a period of industrial decline and a shift in population from Harrisburg, PA to the surrounding suburbs. The city shifted to other industries, like health care and business.


The 20th century saw Harrisburg, PA rapidly evolving to meet the needs of a new wave of workers and families. In the 21st century, the town continued to grow to attract more residents and become a hub of modern industries.


If you’re a Harrisburg, PA homeowner searching for a more affordable way to heat your home this winter, don’t forget that Stover Energy is only a call away. Contact us today online or by calling (420) 415-1761.



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