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We Put Customers First.  This isn’t just a slogan, it’s the way Stover has been providing Elizabethtown PA heating oil service since 1957!  Because each and every employee believes and operates by these core values, Stover Energy is truly unequaled in its ability to deliver quality heating oil next-day or sooner, at fair and honest prices!

Our Elizabethtown Heating Oil Customers enjoy:

  • Will-Call or Automatic Delivery
  • Flexible Monthly Payment Options
  • Referral Account Credits
  • Anytime Account Access
  • Peace of Mind Knowing You Can Trust Stover!

Great Elizabethtown Fuel Oil Service and Savings!

You don’t need to sacrifice great service for an affordable fuel oil price! Stover will be there when you need us, and you’ll get unmatched comfort, quality, and convenience at fair and affordable oil prices!

For information about pricing or the services we offer please call 717-532-1903 or email us. We look forward to serving you!

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Heating Your Elizabethtown, PA Home

Elizabethtown, PA is a beautiful community located about 20 miles away from Harrisburg. With a population over 12,000 residents, there are many homes that need affordable solutions to stay warm during the winter months. Stover Energy offers responsive, cost-effective heating oil delivery services to the entire Elizabethtown, PA area. If you’re feeling the chill, remember that we are always here to help.

Elizabethtown, PA was settled in the 1750s. The origin of the name cannot be definitively determined, and there are two primary stories: being named after Elizabeth Reeby, the wife of the man who sold the first building lots in the town, or being named after the wife of the Captain who purchased The Black Bear Tavern. The earliest inhabitants of the town were Scots-Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch farmers.

Elizabethtown was officially incorporated as a borough in 1827, and the opening of the railroad in the 1830s brought new commercial and residential interest to the area. Until the early 1900s, Elizabethtown was primarily known for agriculture and farming. The Klein Chocolate Company, which is now part of Mars, Inc., opened a factory in the 1900s. The Klein brothers were former Hershey Company employees who left to start their own milk chocolate business. After World War II ended, Elizabethtown continued to grow in size and doubled its population from 1950-2000. Homes and businesses took away space that was previously occupied by farmland.

Elizabethtown, PA is home to a number of public schools and an Amtrak station. Elizabethtown College, a Masonic Village, the Mars, Inc. plant, Continental Press and White Oak Mills are all still thriving in the community as well.

If you’re in need of high-quality heating oil delivery in Elizabethtown, PA this winter, don’t forget that Stover Energy is only a call away. Contact us today online or by calling (420) 415-1761.

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