When water gets in your heating oil tank, over time it can cause damage, or worse, prevent your heating system from functioning. With a little effort towards prevention and help from the professionals at Stover Energy, you can keep water outside of your tank and avoid chilly winter nights.

How does water get in my fuel tank?

Water can enter an above ground heating oil tank through condensation. Condensation is the most common culprit When moist air enters the tank through the tank vent, the air can develop into water droplets that can accumulate over time. Water can also enter your heating oil tank through the tank filler pipe, a tank perforation or a tank filler cap that is missing. Always check these connections to ensure they are on tight.

When water accumulates in your tank, it can lead to a broad range of problems, including:

  • Rust inside of the storage tank
  • Water freezing and blocking the supply line
  • Bacterial growth (sludge) accumulation on the inside of the tank
  • Tank corrosion or leakage
  • Furnace system breakdowns

How can I drain water from a heating oil tank?

Depending on the amount of water in your heating oil tank, there are a few different methods you can use to remove it.

For small amounts of water, you can absorb it using an alcohol-based dispersant, or products such as water-absorbent sock or an H20 Water Worm. Then:

  • Pump the water out
  • Clean the oil supply and the return home piping
  • Choose a heating oil provider that uses a water dispersant

Stover Energy does not recommend taking apart your oil tank or pumping fluids without the guidance of professionals. If you have concerns about water in your tank, contact Stover Energy and request a tank inspection.

How do I prevent water from being in my oil storage tank?

One of the best ways to prevent water from entering an above-ground heating oil tank is by painting it silver to reflect sunlight and prevent condensation. Using Stover Energy’s custom blended quality fuels, with the dispersant blended into the product can also reduce the risk of finding water in your heating oil tank. A full tank has less space for condensation to form. Keep the tank filled year round with affordable heating oil from Stover Energy!

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