The last thing a homeowner wants during the coldest part of the year is to run out of heating oil. Quality fuels are a critical part of keeping your family comfortable and warm during snowstorms and periods of cold weather in Maryland and Pennsylvania. If you are concerned that you might be about to run out of heating oil, these are the steps that you should follow.

Start With the Oil Tank Gauge

Does your heating oil tank have a functioning gauge? If it does, there is a float inside that will move the bar on the gauge to indicate how much fuel oil you have left inside of the tank. If you are not enrolled in automatic delivery, we suggest that you call for a delivery when your fuel oil tank is between 25% and 33% full. If you let your tank get too low, you risk running out of heating oil before we are able to deliver fuel to your property and drawing sludge from your tank into the furnace burner. If your heating oil tank does not have a gauge or you are concerned that it is not displaying the amount correctly, move to step two.

Check Inside of the Heating Oil Tank

Take the cap on the top of the heating oil tank off and use a flashlight to check the oil inside. If the tank is filled with liquid oil past the halfway point, you don’t need to worry about whether or not you will run out of heating oil. If the bottom of your tank seems covered but it looks opaque or like sludge, it might be rust and sediment. This sludge can be drawn into your furnace and do damage. If your fuel oil tank has visible sludge or is completely empty, you should give Stover Energy a call immediately.

Measure Your Oil Level Manually

For the most precise idea of whether or not you are about to run out of heating oil, use a clean dipstick, measuring stick or broom handle that can reach the bottom of your heating oil tank. When you feel the stick hit the bottom of the tank, wait five seconds and slowly pull it out. If fuel oil clings to the bottom of the stick, there is still heating oil left. If there is only sludge or no visible liquid on the stick, you are probably out of heating oil. It’s time to schedule a delivery!

Never Run Out of Heating Oil with from Stover Energy

We are proud to be the preferred heating oil provider of hundreds of families throughout Dauphin County and the surrounding communities. To schedule a delivery or learn more about Stover Energy, call us today at (717) 297-8497.