Every Maryland and Pennsylvania homeowner wants a house that is both affordable to maintain and comfortable to live in, which is why so many rely on heating oil. However, in your efforts to get the most cost-effective home possible, you might be considering converting your heating oil system to another fuel source. Any major upgrades or changes to your heating system can be major investments. Many times, it is more efficient to upgrade an existing heating oil system instead of replacing it entirely with something else.

How Much Could It Cost to Convert My Heating Oil System?

Unfortunately, when many people decide to explore converting their heating oil system to another fuel, they overestimate the savings and underestimate the cost of conversion. Some homeowners spend thousands of dollars to convert from heating oil and find that they are not experiencing any savings on their annual energy spending.

As a result, we suggest that you wait to convert your heating oil system to something else unless it is not working properly, you were going to replace it anyways or you find yourself spending a great deal on maintenance and repairs. The best time to explore replacing and converting your heating oil system is when you would be replacing your furnace for other reasons, like age or disrepair. Stover Energy always supplies our customers with quality fuels to ensure the longevity of their fuel oil system and prevent excessive maintenance.

What Should I Consider Before Conversion?

Heating oil today is unlike the heating oil that your grandparents might have used. It is cleaner than ever before. The fuels that we deliver at Stover Energy are high quality, treated with additives to extend the life of your furnace, and burn hotter for incredibly efficient heat. If you have not previously lived in a home with oil heat, you might want to upgrade to a heat pump after purchasing a new home out of the assumption that it is better. However, we encourage you to try oil heat first to experience the benefits of a warmer heat firsthand. Many homeowners who wait through the winter before upgrading end up never converting from oil heat at all! Another consideration before converting your heating oil system should be the cost of conversion. For example, if your system heats both your home and your hot water, an additional system (and the piping) will also need to be replaced.

Quality Heating Oil from Stover Energy

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