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Your Trusted Partner for Air-Conditioning System Maintenance and Repair

An air-conditioning system is essential in hot weather. The worst thing you can expect during the heat wave in summer season is the breakdown of your air-conditioning system. Stover Energy can help you recover from this sudden problem with our air-conditioning system repair and replacement services. Our technicians quickly diagnose and resolve any issue in your cooling system.

If your system has completely stopped working or its repair cost is too high, we can provide you with the longer-lasting air-conditioning system replacement of your choice.

Expert Air-Conditioning Technicians

Our expert team of air-conditioning system technicians has extensive experience in dealing with all kinds of air-conditioning issues. Due to their progressive training, we can offer you the latest air-conditioning repair solutions for all sorts of makes and models of air-con systems. With our advanced knowledge and experience, we can quickly and efficiently determine the nature of the problem and perform the necessary repairs.

Our technicians also carry all the necessary equipment and variety of replacement parts. We can mobilize at any time as per your repair request. Instant fixing of your unit at your place saves your time and money.

In case a part needs to be sourced directly from the air-conditioning system manufacturers, we ensure that you get the most competitive price in the shortest possible time-frame.

What do we offer in Our Air-Conditioning Repair Services?

As a leading and trusted air-conditioning system repair company, Stover Energy has always exceeded customers’ expectations. We ensure that our services reach you in a timely and efficient manner to save you hassle and money. Our air-conditioning repair services offer:

  • 24/7 air-conditioning repair services
  • Instant and transparent repair costs without any hidden charges
  • A team of HVAC certified, trained and experienced technicians
  • Regular high-quality air-conditioning maintenance services
  • On spot repair services with complete equipment and repair parts
  • Air-conditioning repair for all models and makes of air-conditioners
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Highly competitive prices

Air-Conditioning System Replacement

The lifespan of a majority of standard air-conditioning systems is between 10 and 20 years. After this, air-conditioning systems usually start experiencing frequent, costly breakdowns and repair.

If you have an air-conditioning system older than 12 years, then it is near the end of its lifespan (if you have it serviced and maintained on a regular basis, it may last 3-4 years more). Your air-conditioning system at this stage may experience frequent functional failures, leading to expensive repairs. Instead of repeatedly spending on these repairs, you should consider replacing your air-conditioning system.

Choose Energy-Efficient and Low-Cost Air-conditioning Systems

We offer advanced, energy and cost-efficient air-conditioning solutions to best fit your needs. The latest air-conditioning systems are much more efficient both in working and energy-consumption as compared to older units. The new units do not just save energy, but also bring significant reduction in energy bills.

Our professional HVAC experts thoroughly examine the thermal envelope efficiency at your place (walls, doors, windows, ceiling, etc.). Based on the analysis, we recommend the latest air-conditioning system that fulfills the cooling requirements of your place and maintains a comfortable environment.

Proper and Professional Air-Conditioning Installation

Another factor that can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your air-conditioning system is its installation. Poor HVAC system installation can increase your costs by 30%. When our professional technicians perform the replacement and installation of the new unit, you have the peace of mind that it is properly installed and will perform optimally. If you still feel any issues after running the newly-installed system, our team will fix it without any additional charges.

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