Summer Oil Tank Maintenance Tips

Summer in PA is a time to enjoy the warmer weather with friends and family. While you’re going to backyard barbecues and taking trips to the beach, you’re probably not thinking about your oil tank. Summer oil tank maintenance is essential to keep your tank safe and secure. Use these tips to make sure your fuel tank is ready for the upcoming heating season.

1.      Know Your Tank

Did you know that summer heat and humidity can be damaging your oil tank? Moist air and condensation can lead to buildup that corrodes the structure of your fuel tank over time. The best way to prevent this buildup is to keep your fuel tank full every season. This eliminates space in the tank for excess moisture or condensation in the first place.

2.      Fill Your Tank

Filling your oil tank during the off-season offers several valuable benefits.

  • Prevent buildup
    Filling your fuel tank is the best way to prevent damage during the summer. A full tank has less space for harmful moisture and condensation.
  • Reduce risk of leaks and property damage

Over time, dangerous buildup can degrade your oil tank. This can lead to unnecessary risk of leaks. An oil leak in your home can damage your property and can also be very expensive to clean up.

  • Save with off-season fuel prices
    Heating fuel prices are typically lower during the warmer months. Spending less on heating fuel now can save room in your budget for other household expenses. Not to mention, getting your tank filled now means you can skip the rush when the first cold snap hits.

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