Whether you are preparing for a snowstorm or ready to soak up the sunshine in spring, what is the best way to receive your high-quality heating oil from Stover Energy? Thanks to our commitment to our customers, we offer two types of deliveries to meet your needs. Should you choose will-call or automatic delivery in the Maryland or Pennsylvania area from Stover Energy?

Will-Call Delivery from Stover Energy

Will-call delivery is perfect for customers that do not have heating oil as their only heating source, or those who don’t want to maintain a full tank. In many cases, we can deliver fuel oil within one business day provided that you place your order via phone by noon. However, our deliveries can be delayed during periods of inclement weather, prolonged cold, or on holidays. For that reason, we suggest that our customers who use heating oil as their primary fuel source choose automatic delivery.

Automatic Delivery from Stover Energy

Automatic delivery from Stover Energy is the best choice for our customers who don’t want to constantly fret overheating oil levels in their tank, or remember to call us when they need a delivery. We use state of the art technology combined with industry tracking that includes your usage history, temperatures, and forecasts to determine the perfect time for your heating oil delivery. We aim to schedule your heating oil delivery when your tank is between 1/4 and 1/3 full. When there is inclement weather, like a snowstorm, or a holiday approaching, we will come earlier than necessary to ensure you have plenty of fuel.

Customers who choose automatic delivery from Stover Energy also have the peace of mind that they will receive a $50 account credit and receive an emergency heating oil delivery immediately if they lose primary heat due to a scheduling error. Our automatic delivery service is completely free, and you will never pay a premium for the convenience of it. Thanks to our range of payment and delivery options, we are the preferred heating oil provider of families throughout the region. Whether you choose will-call or automatic delivery from Stover Energy, you can rest easy and enjoy our clean-burning fuel.

Quality Heating Oil from Stover Energy

We are proud to be the preferred heating oil provider of hundreds of families throughout Dauphin County and the surrounding communities. To schedule a delivery or learn more about Stover Energy, call us today at (717) 297-8497.