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Yes, Stover delivers heating oil to Annville, PA!

As gorgeous autumn colors give way to winter temperatures and the weather in Annville, PA turns into snowy days and very cold nights, reliable heating oil delivery becomes a must! If you’re an Annville homeowner looking for a better way to keep warm this winter, you don’t need to worry. Stover Energy offers convenient, prompt clean-burning heating oil delivery to all Annville, PA home and business owners. Reliable, trustworthy heating oil service is just a call away!


Heating Oil Delivery – Annville, PA 17003

Heating Oil Delivery to Annville, PA

Winter weather is here in Annville, PA. If you’re an Annville homeowner, you might be wondering how you’ll beat the cold weather this winter. Thankfully, Stover Energy offers convenient, cost-effective cleaning-burning heating oil delivery to the entire Annville Township, PA area. Don’t worry about your comfort and trust your heating oil delivery to Stover Energy.

Scotch-Irish immigrants first built log cabins in the Lebanon Valley area to form the beginnings of Annville, PA. Thanks to increased travel along the Allegheny Trail in the 1800s, the Berks and Dauphin Turnpike was built in 1817. In the late 1800s, a street trolley was constructed that followed the Turnpike and linked Annville, PA with Palmyra and Lebanon. The railroad ran through the town for a few decades but rapidly declined in popularity after cars became more commonplace.

The industries in Annville, PA have changed a great deal over time. In the 1700s, the town became known for agriculture, wheelwrights, millers, blacksmiths and textiles. Bakeries were a constant in the town throughout the 1800s and 1900s, and a shoe factory employed over 700 people at its peak. The first co-ed college in the state began in Annville, PA in 1866, when Annville Academy was purchased by the United Brethren Church. The property became Lebanon Valley College, a private 4-year school that is still open today.

The historic district includes a variety of residential and commercial 18th– and 19th-century buildings that range in architecture and style from Victorian mansions to primitive log houses. In the western portion of the historic district, you can still see over 30 log houses today.

If you’re looking for high-quality heating oil delivery in Annville, PA this winter, don’t forget that Stover Energy is only a call away. Contact us today online or by calling (420) 415-1761.

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