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Yes, Stover delivers heating oil to Manheim, PA!

As gorgeous autumn colors give way to winter temperatures and the weather in Manheim, PA turns into snowy days and very cold nights, reliable heating oil delivery becomes a must! If you’re a Manheim homeowner looking for a better way to keep warm this winter, you don’t need to worry. Stover Energy offers convenient, prompt clean-burning heating oil delivery to all Manheim, PA home and business owners. Reliable, trustworthy heating oil service is just a call away!

Heating Oil Delivery – Manheim, PA 17545


Don’t Stress About Cold Weather in Manheim, PA


If you’re a Manheim, PA homeowner, there’s a good chance you’ve already kicked on the heat for the year. However, cold weather can mean steep heating bills. Stover Energy provides the greater Manheim area with convenient, cost-effective heating oil deliveries throughout the coldest months of the year. All Manheim, PA homeowners can enjoy the benefits of heating oil and put less strain on their wallets this year.


Manheim, PA is a Lancaster County community named after Mannheim, a city in the southwestern part of Germany. The town was laid out by Henry William Stiegel in the mid-1700s when he purchased land and decided to create an industrial empire. Stiegel established the Manheim Glassworks, which operated off and on until 1780. With the arrival of the first railroad in Manheim, PA in early 1862, additional business and industry came to the town.


The town grew to include the Miller Hat Factory, a tannery, a brickmaking plant, a wood-turning shop, carpentry shops, a wagon works and a newspaper. During the Civil War, when the bridge spanning the Susquehanna was burned, many York County citizens ran away before the Confederates came. Because the citizens were so loud when they traveled to Manheim, PA, many residents thought that the Confederate troops reached Lancaster. Once the citizens reached Manheim, residents were relieved to see that the “troops” were simply fleeing residents, who were allowed to stay in Manheim Square.


After the war, Manheim, PA continued to grow to be a home for cottage industries, small businesses and families. Today, Manheim, PA is host to the world’s largest automobile auction, The Manheim Auto Auction. Residents also enjoy the Manheim Community Farm Show and the Root’s County Market & Auction, which is the oldest family-fun country market in all of Lancaster County.


If you’re a Manheim, PA homeowner in need of a more affordable way to heat your home this winter, don’t forget that Stover Energy is only a call away. Contact us today online or by calling (420) 415-1761.


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