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Yes, Stover delivers heating oil to Middletown, PA!

As gorgeous autumn colors give way to winter temperatures and the weather in Middletown, PA turns into snowy days and very cold nights, reliable heating oil delivery becomes a must! If you’re a Middletown homeowner looking for a better way to keep warm this winter, you don’t need to worry. Stover Energy offers convenient, prompt clean-burning heating oil delivery to all Middletown, PA home and business owners. Reliable, trustworthy heating oil service is just a call away!

Heating Oil Delivery – Middletown, PA 17057


Don’t Let Winter Make Your Middletown, PA Home Cold


Middletown, PA experiences plenty of ice and snow in the winter months, which means high energy bills and chilly homes. If you’re a Middletown homeowner dreading another winter, we’ve got great news. Stover Energy provides the entire Middletown, PA area with convenient, cost-effective and clean-burning heating oil delivery. It’s never been more affordable to stay comfortable all winter long!


Middletown, PA is located in Dauphin County and has a population of 9,000. It was founded in the 1750s along the Susquehanna River and became a borough in 1828 after the Union Canal brought more business and population to the town. The first settlers were Scotch-Irish and English. In the 18th century, German immigrants began to occupy the area and take advantage of the ample land.


In colonial history, Middletown is noted as a supply depot for the Revolutionary Army. Numerous small boats for the army were built in the town, and local farms were responsible for supplying troops with provisions. The Swatara Ferry House also housed prisoners during the Revolutionary War. In 1774, residents of Middletown, PA published a “Resolves of Independence” from Great Britain during a meeting. The ideas cemented in that document were later incorporated in the colonies’ “Declaration of Independence.”


After the war ended, land and water trade became very popular in Middletown, PA. As the river trade declined, trade briefly stalled until the Union Canal was completed. When the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was exploring options for the Union Canal, they selected Middletown to be one of the stops, due to its location halfway between Lancaster and Carlisle. This made Middletown a hub of trading for lumber, produce, milling products, steel and grain.


Since the 1800s, Middletown, PA has continued to grow into a wonderful place to raise a family and enjoy the beautiful views of the area. If you’re a Middletown, PA homeowner looking for a more affordable way to heat your home this winter, don’t forget that Stover Energy is only a call away. Contact us today online or by calling (420) 415-1761.



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