The price of gasoline for your car fluctuates every time you head to the gas station, and numerous factors are behind that fluctuation. Just like the quality gas your car uses; the price of heating oil can also change from day to day or from month to month. From the price of crude oil to seasonal demand, these are some of the factors that determine the price of heating oil in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

The Price of Crude Oil

Market rates for crude oil vary, and the prices of both gasoline and heating oil will typically change as the rates for crude oil do. The cost of refining heating oil directly influences the amount that you pay for it, so a lower price for the raw goods needed to create it will, in turn, lower the price of the finished product. Global economic conditions, national demand and environmental conditions can all also affect the price of heating oil.

How Much It Costs to Get Heating Oil to You

An often forgotten determinant of the price of heating oil is operating cost, or the amount it costs to get heating oil from a tank or business to your home. At Stover Energy, we give the best possible price to our automatic delivery customers, because we can better optimize our routes and save money thanks to their loyalty. We pass our delivery cost savings on to our customers.

Seasonal Demand

From October to March, when weather is the coldest, the demand for heating oil increases. As a result of that supply and demand, the price of heating oil will typically increase. Many customers choose to get a full oil tank fill in the spring and as early in the fall as possible to get the lowest rate for high-quality fuels before the coldest weather arrives. At Stover Energy, we strive to have the lowest prices possible every season of the year.

Where You Live

The coldest parts of the United States often have the highest demand for heating oil, and the majority of this fuel is used in the Northeast region. Because those states use so much heating oil over the course of the winter, the price of heating oil can be higher than it would be somewhere that uses less, like the south. Prices typically peak sometime between January and March depending on the weather.

Quality Heating Oil from Stover Energy

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