As a business owner, you want to ensure that your money is being spent wisely. If you rely on a fleet of vehicles to help your employees complete their tasks, it’s understandable that you would want fleet fueling to be as affordable and reliable as possible. Do your workers complete fleet fueling at a public gas station or on-site at your business? Fleet fueling at a public gas station carries surprising risks for your business.

The Business Risks of Fleet Fueling at a Public Gas Station

  • Germ Transfer: Studies show that gas pumps are some of the germiest places in American cities. Gas pump handles were shown to have high levels of contamination. Every time your employees go to the gas station to fill up their tank, they risk exposure to illness. A sick employee means less productivity and the possibility of them infecting their coworkers. By eliminating gas pump contact you increase healthy safety for your staff and as a result, you can continue to fulfill customer’s needs.
  • Wasted Time: Do you know how much time your employees waste when fleet fueling at a gas station? After all, time is money. Measure the average time your employees spend fueling and multiply that by their hourly wage. Divide that figure by 60 to get your employee expense per gas station trip. That does not even factor in the occasional trip inside the convenience store to get a snack or cup of coffee when the pump isn’t running. That minor expense can add up when calculated over the course of a year.
  • Exposure to Accidents: When you are driving a truck or company vehicle on the road, there is always a risk of a collision or accident. That risk can increase at a gas station, where visibility is not always the best, numerous other drivers are trying to navigate tight spaces and everyone is focused on things other than driving. The more accidents that your company vehicles get in, the higher that your insurance costs might be.

How Can You Avoid Fleet Fueling at a Public Gas Station?

An on-site fuel storage tank removes the need for you to use a gas station to fill up. That means it also removes a broad range of other variables from the equation, including exposure to germs and viruses, wasted time from fuel transactions, longer fueling times for commercial pumps and stations, and the time it takes to travel to and from the station. On-site fuel storage tanks also add in the benefit of convenience. Stover Energy offers quality diesel and gasoline delivery to farms and businesses in need. It’s never been easier to fill up when and where you need to and avoid all the risks of gas stations.

Avoid Fleet Fueling at a Public Gas Station with Stover Energy

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