Now is the time many homeowners find themselves sitting down to plan out their yearly budgets and predict how much their monthly heating oil cost will be. Budgeting for energy can be particularly difficult since there is ultimately no way of knowing exactly what temperatures will be, whether or not heating oil prices will rise and if any unexpected snowstorms will affect your heating oil usage. However, with a little practice and help from the affordable heating oil professionals at Stover Energy, you can get a good estimate of what your costs will be.

What Is Your Monthly Expenditure on Average?

Start your budgeting by gathering your heating oil bills from the past few winters. Jot down the total heating oil that you used over the course of a calendar year for every year that you have data. Once you add up that total usage, divide it by 12 to get your average monthly heating oil cost for that year. Use each year’s average to start giving you a ballpark estimate of what you can expect to spend heating your home every month.

How Can You Get a More Detailed Monthly Heating Oil Cost Estimate?

To get a more precise idea of what your monthly costs are, you can check the average temperature each month for every year that you have heating oil bill data from. Compare that data with the forecast for the coming year. For example, the winter of 2019-20 was described as a “polar coaster” by The Farmer’s Almanac. That means that you should err on the side of caution when budgeting and expect dramatic temperature fluctuations and plenty of cold weather.

As always, you can lock in the best possible heating oil rates all winter long by scheduling automatic delivery from Stover Energy. Our automatic delivery customers get to benefit from the savings we experience as a result of getting to schedule our delivery routes as efficiently as possible. Automatic delivery keeps your monthly heating oil cost as steady as possible and ensures that our team will keep an eye on your tank levels so you never run out.

Quality Heating Oil from Stover Energy

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